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It’s very rewarding to me that similar numbers that gave Bloomberg  “landslide” headlines in 2001 are now called “PER UN PELLO” by El Diario,

by AM-NY. The most clever title goes to METRO which references the obscene spending

and the lamest goes to cheerleader Daily News (they were attacking Bloomberg back in 2001 race – than a $miracle$ happened, they saw the light, endorsed him and are fawning over him ever since)

The numbers (Bloomberg’sspending) are not yet in, but it looks like $200 per vote. I saved a screenshot from NY Times returns

of the final numbers

Elsewhere, the one good thing from New Jersey is that they are covering Obama’s efforts to save Corzine.

And the Obama insulation efforts reach pathetic proportions of the W kind (h/t myiq2xu at the Confluence)

Gibbs: Obama ‘not watching returns’

I suppose he was playing the fiddle. Jake Tapper twitted, amidst New jersey returns

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” is at the White House tonight. This is not a joke.

In Political Punch, more about that fiddle

Whether or not you believe that, White House officials say Republican victories in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races came as no surprise to them.

Kinda like “Bloomberg expected a close race” Monday quarterbaking.

And of course, being bad news, no connection to Obama

Neither race, they say, was a referendum on President Obama;

On the mayoral, Tapper tweets:

who says the WH cared about defeating Bloomberg?

Indeed, who? Blo0mberg owes nobody, everyone owes him.


From SYD’s link in the comments – a very revealing exchange between the White House and Anthony Weiner

“Maybe one of those Corzine trips could have been better spent in New York. Who knows?” remarked New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who weighed his own run for mayor, referring to the White House’s devout attention to the New Jersey contest.

“Maybe Anthony Weiner should have manned-up and run against Michael Bloomberg,” shot back a White House official, who attributed the night’s results across the board to anti-incumbent fervor

Glad that the anti-gay slur got the attention of the B0bot extraordinaire John Avrosis.

Manned up? So is the White House saying that Weiner is acting like a woman or a gay? And which one does our White House find worse?

It’s not like we didn’t point out the homophobia of this crew way back. But I like the question:

a woman or a gay? And which one does our White House find worse?

Of course Weiner’s retort was priceless

“If the White House is going to criticize me, they should man up and call me fat,”

Also, I agree with Ben Smith analysis

Bloomberg’s meager five-point win left Democrats pondering what might have been if New York’s Democratic donors hadn’t turned their back on Thompson, if its politicians had worked for him, and most of all if President Barack Obama had offered anything more than the lamest words of praise.

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