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According to NYU local, the NY times was in a rush to declare Bloomberg a winner by 9:45 – but as of 10 PM the margin between the 2 is less than 2%

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.That’s what NYT based their declaration of victory on…

Love it! (and so does NYU local – NYT is retracting

10:25 p.m.: Ha! The Times changes their headline to “Bloomberg projected to win 3rd term”! Spoke too soon, Grey Lady?

All the news that’s paid to print

The hillarious ending comment on the NYT:

Continuing with the Times change of headlines, the current one begins with “Bloomberg appears to prevail.” At least to those paying attention, this has to have been pretty embarrassing for the Gray Lady — a premature declaration, a quasi-retraction, and a carefully worded conclusion.


With 99% counted, the difference is 4.6%. Assuming Bloomberg spent 100 million, it would come to $200 per vote.

Funny that Paterson chastised Democrats in New Jersey for staying home. From what I saw, the New jersey turnout was double to that of NYC (barely over 1 million people voted) – for just about the same population. Of course, Paterson better be nice to NY voters… But I don’t have to.

Shame on those of you staying home.


Surreal seeing Bloomberg tool Al Sharpton at Thompson’s headquarters. He foisted Bloomberg on us and never ever said a word against him.

Other surreal bits:

This is the hardest and best run campaign I’ve ever seen,” said Koch, who endorsed Bloomberg

A better quote from the same article, from a voter

I didn’t like the idea that King Mike thinks he can buy anything he wants, including my vote,” said Democrat Kevin Anterline, 56, who voted for Thompson.

Me neither, but  most people like us couldn’t be bothered to show up and vote.

The live blog at the Gothamist is a good read too

Apparently NBC also had to retract their projection of Bloomberg. (see 10:00 PM update)

And since I didn’t bother watching Bloomberg speak, this account is interesting

Overall, Bloomberg emphasizes how voters “chose progress.” He notes Thompson’s “gracious” concession call— Thompson is booed by the crowd

meanwhile, kudos to Thompson for having both New York Times and NBC eat their words. With similar results in 2001, the Times called the victory a ‘landslide” wjile right now, after egg on its face it has to write

Bloomberg Prevails in a Close Contest


I just returned from voting. My daughter and I were practically alone in the building – just us and the poll workers. I told them I was there to vote against Bloomberg and the woman lit up: “Thank God!” then caught herself: I shouldn’t say that”. But then again, there was no one else there.

Thompson flyers are still decorating 1st Avenue – Bloomberg thugs didn’t get to them just yet.

Some of them have Obama’s photo next to Thompson’s.

Obama’s voice, praising Bloomberg was also featured on some of Bloomberg’s  phone calls to me yesterday (the ones not from NARAL)

So, whch Obama will lose today? The one whom he “had to endorse”, or the one to whom he who owes big favors?

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The question becomes funnier when one considers this tweet from Jake Tapper (h/t Three Wickets at the Confluence)

DNC already emailing around an analysis by rival network saying VA/NJ races say much more about those candidates than they do about POTUS

I don’t necessarily disagree, but kind of early in the day for the DNC to be throwing that out there!

Apparently, it’s not just the media who sees the world in terms of how it affects Obama’s image

Elsewhere, Biden is jonesing for some political relevance and lacking any is now patronizing  private citizen Sarah Palin.

“Sarah Palin thinks the answer to energy is “Drill, baby, drill,’ ” Biden said at a rally this afternoon. Then he leaned in to the microphone: “It’s a lot more complicated, Sarah.”

Wait, Biden who?

And in New Jersey – it’s a nail bitter.


Robert Gibbs, seen here coaching Obama on the campaign is now downplaying the significance of elections today – re: Obama, obviously

Gibbs explained, it was inaccurate and inappropriate to “draw any great insight about what is going to happen in a year” from the two gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia and the special House election in New York.

“We don’t look at either of these gubernatorial races or the congressional race as something that portends a lot for our legislative efforts going forward or political prospects in 2010,” Gibbs said during Tuesday’s press briefing.”In 2001, [Republicans] lost Virginia and New Jersey,” Gibbs added. “I don’t believe that impacted [President George W. Bush’s] legislative initiatives going forward.”

What initiatives would those have been?

And according to NY1,

Bloomberg is spending $35,000 an hour out of his own pocket on his campaign.”

Wouldn’t be something if voters would give him the finger?

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