After torpedoing the Democrat in Virginia to insulate his image, Obama has now to sweat the New Jersey senate race.

The article changed its title in the 10 minutes sine I read it, to get rid of “but will it damage Obama’s image” question in the headline.(because, let’s face it, what else is there about elections for the media?)

But it remains in the body of the article

The White House is anxious for a win in New Jersey, to counter an expected Republican triumph in Virginia, the only other governorship up for grabs in the off-year elections.

A Republican sweep in both states would be cast, fairly or not, as a sign of weakness for Obama and the Democrats — potentially complicating the president’s efforts to enact his agenda and energizing the GOP heading into the crucial 2010 midterm elections.

In the New York Mayoral race, where Obama avoided pronouncing Thompson’s name in the tepid “he’d have to endorse the democratic candidate”, Bloomberg is getting his Guiness record as the most money spent in an election (140 million by the last estimate). And I am getting calls from NARAL – the ones who sold out to Obama so far. They now want me to vote …Bloomberg.

You know, the guy who used to say

“if women want to be respected for their intelligence, they ought to spend more time in libraries and less at Bloomingdales”

No word as to when they’ll start advocating for choice rights.

That call alone would be a reason for me to vote Thompson.

In other races around the word, they are dropping out of races like flies – Karzai’s opponent in Afghanistan, Gavin Newsom and Dede Scozzafava – who made it all more fun by endorsing the Democrat.

In New Jersey, the third party candidate apparently claimed Palin tried to  get him to drop out as well

And for fun, a gossip story from the NY Post – with no good guys, just laughs.

Seems our megalomaniac other mayor, Rudy 9.11, has been bumped from his limelight seat at the world series for someone else who is breathlessly chasing publicity: Michelle Obama

Rudy Giuliani was bumped out of his favorite Yankee Stadium seats on the first night of the World Series by Michelle Obama.

Poor Rudy who in the past complained for not having the best seats, had to stay BEHIND the photographers. And Michelle’s arms didn’t get to star in the Yankees game either, why with the rain and her not giving a damn about baseball in the first place.

Oh, the humanity!

(all was right in the next game when Michelle found cameras placed elsewhere and Rudy & Judy could grab back the ones at the game)