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It seems like only a day has passed since the White House was bragging in its blog

Transparency like you’ve never seen before

It seems like yesterday because only a day has passed. Maybe Halloween has something to do with it, because this very transparent White House (after public clamoring for the records for months) is totally opaque when it comes to FISA lawsuits..

Obama Administration Invokes State Secrets Privilege…Again

In a class suit action  brought against Bush administration’s wholesale surveillance

in which they were unjustly caught because they regularly made phone calls and sent emails to individuals outside the U.S., specifically in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Obama the transparent sent Eric Holder to  close the case because

even addressing or attempting to refute the plaintiffs’ claim would require the administration “to disclose intelligence sources and methods, or the lack thereof.”

Ob-Bush-Obama.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Which prompted one of the lawyers to say

“The Obama administration has essentially adopted the position of the Bush administration in these cases,”

Ah, but maybe he should read the memo on transparency Or the examples from Tapper articles from the campaign demagoguery where they were criticizing Bush for doing same and promising they wouldn’t.

And as Obama becomes more W in front of our eyes, so does the GOP slides to the right. The conservatives just forced out of the race the RNC candidate, a moderate republican who happened to be a woman, in favor of a more extreme one.

It’s a good thing the earth is not flat, or all this slide to the right would tilt us of it….

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