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Obama’s forays into elections get better and better.

After creating the position of “governor in waiting” in NY, and creating enough embarrassment to last us a year , after an endorsement that went more to the GOP candidate than the Democrat in NYC’s mayoral election, they are at it again, hurting the Democratic candidate in Virginia

Deeds said he was puzzled by the comments from unnamed Obama administration officials who said that he had virtually no chance to defeat Republican Robert F. McDonnell and that such a loss would reflect on Deeds’s failings rather than on Obama’s popularity.

Sounds like Obama’s people were a bit early in insulating Obama from election effects. Just like they were a bit early (one year) in trying to fix NY gubernatorial primaries.

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I suppose after the Olympics fiasco, the need to know the outcome before engaging in anything only grew bigger.

That’s why, when picking his Nobel peace prize in Oslo, Obama will avoid Copenhagen like hell, climate change talks be damned.

it was “hard to see the benefit” of his going to Copenhagen if there was no comprehensive deal for him to close or sign. Another expert, who did not want to be named, said he would be “really, really shocked” if Mr Obama went to Copenhagen

After all, when handed out their asses with the olympics, they scramed out of there so fast, they left their computers behind.

leaving the furious Chicago people all their computers, cakes and other equipment at the Bella Center.Out of the building, out of the country and just gone, gone, gone – with the result that now the hardware has been packed and sealed in boxes that stand in the Bella Center, and then waiting is really just on whether there will be a question to get the equipment after sent.

Climate schlimate – why face those people again!. I wonder if he’ll be able to visit Virginia after the elections.

And it’s possible the reason bipartisanship is so desperately sought for the healthcare so called reform. The promises of blame sharing. Kinda like W and Rove were blaming the Democrats for voting for the war in Iraq.


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But in the meanwhile, for lack of the “vision thing” there’s always the “neat stuff”

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