Jay Leno joked last night: “President Obama decided today to deploy an extra 40,000 troops against Fox”

He might not have been the one deciding when to close Guantanamo, nor the one deciding to cut the CEO’s salaries, but Obama surely is bravely leading the charge against Fox. Personally.

I used to think this was some brilliant strategy devised by Ailes and Axelrod to get their bases/ratings fired up and money flowing but I know better now. First of all, it’s not brilliant, but quite obviously dumb. And then, Obama’s fingerprints are on this more then they are on healthcare reform or the stimulus.

How do we know this? Little tidbits of truth coming out, such as his comment about avoiding a food channel show because it had a Fox-like audience:

He personally decided not to go on “Paula’s Home Cooking,” because according to White House sources, the Georgia-based Paula Deen’s cooking was not healthy enough, and her demographic skewed to the same demographic as Fox News. According to one very high-ranking source, “We are going to screw her just like we screwed Fox News.”

Which teaches us several things:

Obama thinks withholding his presence is the equivalent of “screwing” someone. (See Michelle similarly punishing South Carolina)

He wants to screw not just the show people – but their audiences – which makes his delusion about denying them his presence even more ridiculous.

He personally takes pleasure in finding new theaters for hostilities.

When Time chronicled the declaration of war against ANY OPPOSITION IN THE MEDIA made by Anita Dunn, there was the revealing bit:

Obama, fresh from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, cheered on the effort, telling his aides he wanted to “call ’em out.”

Going further back in time, during the campaign – it took all Obama’s handlers some time to manage to stop him from personally attacking Sarah Palin – it was only after finally McCain remarked on the sexist nature of the attacks that Obama agreed to let surrogates have all the fun.

So, now that we know he likes wars (only not stupid wars as per his mythical speech), let’s see what he’ll do with the war he stole from Cheney. Will his fits of pique fuel his interest? Will his Nobel peace prize make him stick to the war on Faux?

Because I suddenly I am having deja vu of W being overheard screaming: “F–k Saddam, he’s going down”