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The first mayoral debate that was supposed to level the playing field for Bill Thompson against Bloomberg’s billions, was broadcasted  only by a Long Island public TV station – which my digital TV doesn’t carry. Oh, and public radio. It’s unclear why Channel 13, NYC’s public TV’s station – or any other local station didn’t cover it. It’s even more mysterious why Long Islanders got access to it, for an election which doesn’t concern them. Bloomberg’s grip on local media may have something to do with that.

We read the live blogging on the NYT

The closing statements were similar to the opening ones. Mr. Bloomberg said the city’s best days are ahead of it, while Mr. Thompson made an appeal to middle- and working-class homeowners and residents, saying that property taxes, water rates and transit fares had soared during the last seven years. “The people of New York City aren’t for sale,” Mr. Thompson said, forcefully.

Then the tabloids came today. They accomplished what Obama carefully avoided: put Thompson’s name out there for the voters. He is now “Bill” to Bloomberg’s “Mike”

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and same from the Daily News

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with Metro actually giving some information about what went on, including the date for the next debate

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New Yorkers were still deprived of the real thing – it;s still media spin. But at least with the tabloids making the debate an event, NYC-ers find out there are 2 candidates running, not just one with the ads on TV and people’s mail boxes every day.

Elsewhere in the country, the Obamas smite South Carolina


Once again, Bloomberg paid thugs to take down all Thompson signs on my street. I know this happened for a fact – as I did catch some teens ripping the Marc Green signs in 2001. When I called them on it they all gave a very lawyer rehearsed answer: “What do I know? I am just a kid”


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