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I found such a wealth of material in this department that one issue is not enough.

Say, war for instance.

As Obama is taking his sweet time to make a decision on Afghanistan, General Zinni is telling Face the Nation that this procastination makes him look weak and indecisive. But during the colossal waste of time visit to Copenhagen, Obama finally found time to meet General McChrystal and express his fury at his speech on increasing the troops.

And while all this is going on, anti-war protesters finally figured out that a war by Obama is still a war. No, really:

Several of the demonstrators had T-shirts showing a missile labeled “Obomba” and the question

“Is it really OK if Obama does it?”

Gee, ya think?

(that they had to ask is priceless in itself)

And as a response, the White House lifted just as much of the Afghan indecision 2009 veil as to say: the war must go on

with Bush holdout Gates blaming Bush for the mess in Afghanistan

Your head spinning yet?

On the healthcare front, the widespread headline has Obama rallying doctors for the reform. Which would be a good thing except for the fact that Obama pulled another Jr.jr by selecting only those doctors that agreed with him, because preaching to the converted is such a challenge for the great orator.

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Moreover,h/t to Stateofdisbelief at the Confluence – the friendly doctors were handed costumes for a photo op and during that

Obama made no mention of the “public option” — a controversial government-run insurance plan favored by liberal Democrats — in his Rose Garden spiel.

Can you blame the other doctors for being

The doctors advocating for single payer never made the cut.

On September 30th, the Mad As Hell Docs arrived in Washington, D.C., and held a rally in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. Doctors from across the country attended. They told the crowd why they believed, based on their years of practicing medicine and the stories they heard during their tour about the unimaginable suffering and deaths, that single payer is the solution. Their voices were not heard in the White House, or were they?

Another ironical twist comes from the story about the Dalai Lama and has the Republicans chiding Obama for his actions. Hypocritical, maybe, but called for. Funniest line:

Wolf said the administration can honor the Dalai Lama and still continue discussions with China.

“Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union ‘the Evil Empire,’” Wolf said. “But Mikhail Gorbachev still came to his funeral.”

But the most mind numbing Irony comes from CNN and has something to do with another Obama flip-flop.

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The fun starts from the headline

Journalists target Obama over ‘shield law’

Every single word and all together read like a Monty Python skit. What’s a journalist again? How are they targeting Obama? And is all this about a shield for themselves?

It seems Obama reversed himself on campaign promises on the journalists’ rights to not divulge sources. And what did the journalists do in response? SEND AN E-MAIL!. I tell you, their courage never ceases to amaze me:

In an email sent out late Friday, the Society of Professional Journalists expressed ‘outrage’ over President Obama’s proposed changes to the shield bill that would protect reporters from having to divulge confidential sources in court.

Even CNN uses quotation marks for “outrage”. Or is it – apostrophe – the weaker punctuation? And the funniest line from this e-mail?

“President Obama was elected by the people, for the people. It’s time for him to stand up and support legislation that gives those people the power to have better oversight of their government,

Because, in case you missed that, this is what the media was supposed to do. It’s why they bravely wag their e-mail at Obama himself! For the people, silly!

This being on CNN only makes the story funnier.