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As the tabloids keep up with Dave’s story day 3

Daily News the friendlier

NY Post the spicier

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The New York Times reports on the fact that CBS scrubbed Dave’s you tube apology, insisting on copyright but not posting any official version anywhere. We are being told that

CBS’s decision to withhold the clips online was prompted by a request from producers at Mr. Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, according to a person with knowledge of the decision.

Very nice of NYT to blow the whistle like that on CBS’s covering for Letterman.

But then, the same day, NY Times itself, turns around and scrubs its own story on Obama’s Olympic failure.

Hmmm…If CBS withheld the Letterman apology at Dave’s request , who might have requested NY Times correction?

Here’s some of  what was changed:

  • The reference to other politicians on the journey in the original (“On Air Force One with him Friday, Mr. Obama brought a couple cabinet officers from Illinois, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, as well as Senator Dick Durban”) went away.
  • An entire paragraph that referred to an Olympic allusion in an Obama campaign speech last year (“And the prospect of winning was too irresistible. After all, Mr. Obama has already envisioned the day when he could welcome the world to his hometown, never mind that small matter of reelection. ‘In 2016, I’ll be wrapping up my second term as president, he told a rally in Chicago in June 2008. ‘So I can’t think of a better way than to be marching into Washington Park … as president of the United States and announcing to the world: Let the Games begin!'”) was flushed.
  • An arrogant, victory-lap jab at critics from Rahm Emanuel (“’They shouldn’t try to make politics of this,’ Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff and a Chicagoan himself, told ABC News. ‘I think they should take some pride in the U.S.’s win, and you know, we’ll make sure they get some good seats once Chicago does host the games.’“) was deep-sixed.
  • But the Times did find room to note the existence of the president deigning to do his real job for a bit by meeting with the general in charge in Afghanistan (“Mr. Obama also used the opportunity to meet for 25 minutes with his Afghanistan commander, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who flew to Copenhagen from London, where he was on business. ‘The biggest loss of anything on this trip was sleep,’ Mr. Gibbs said.”)

I should also note that a supposedly heroic Michelle Obama quote in the original (“‘Take no prisoners,’ she vowed”) also got the memory-hole treatment.

Has anyone guessed it yet?

However, I did find some good news: SNL (of NBC no less) started some relevant satire. A checklist

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of Obama’s accomplishments

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see the video at Stray Yellow Dog’s blog


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