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For those Yidish impaired, the definition of chutzpa: someone who kills his parents then asks the court’s mercy for being an orphan

Incredibly, the man who shouldn’t even have a role in the government now that the campaigning is should be over, made this mind boggling statement

Top White House adviser David Axelrod says “politics” played a key role in the International Olympic Committee’s decision to reject President Obama’s appeal in support of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

I guess when Obama’s politics prevail, it’s called “ponies”, when they lose it’s called “politics”

In the past Obama accused the GOP of playing politics. Now, this coming from Axelrod is even richer somehow.

Of course, the “politics” gimmick was to cover for his client

“I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president or the first lady. I think that there are politics everywhere, and there were politics inside that room.”

I guess everyone should be happy no racism accusations were thrown. In fact, upon CNN digging for it, the answer was

“I’m not suggesting anything nefarious…I’m not suggesting anything untoward happened.

And a Chicago pol would know what he is speaking about.

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I couldn’t miss this Politico headline

All the rquivocation that follows can diminish that

The agony of Obama’s defeat

and some hillarious spin I wasn’t aware of

Earlier this week, The White House flatly rejected the notion that Obama’s Chicago ties played any role in his decision or his support for the U.S. bid for the games.

“If it had been Los Angeles, I think the notion that the President would have done less because it was a different U.S. city just doesn’t hold a lot of water,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insisted earlier this week.

Some analysts find that claim impossible to believe.

For once in my life, I agree with “analysts”

Also, h/t to Butters, back in June, Obama had opened an Olympic Office in the White House

here’s the headline in Chicago Tribune

President Barack Obama to open White House Olympic Office

Announcement timed before Chicago’s presentation to IOC members

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