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It seems the Olympics junket of the Obama and Oprah is a noble sacrifice – at least that’s how Michelle sees it
“As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days, so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home.”

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We’re not worthy! And why is it worth it?
having the Olympics in Chicago would be important to “let people know that we understand that sports saves lives, that it makes dreams come true, that it creates visions in kids’ heads to make them think they can be the next David Robinson, the next Barack Obama, the next Nadia Comaneci, the next Oprah Winfrey,”
I must say, I am a bit surprised she didn’t say “the next Michelle Obama.

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As for Nadia Comaneci, I am afraid it’s Romania and Bella Karoly that can claim credit for any glory rather than anything Chicago.
Thanks to my commenters for the update
But what about the children? IOC surely hates the children!
United States Olympic Committee leaders appeared stunned by the news and had no comment as they left the voting hall. Mr. Obama was flying back to Washington at the time of the vote.
I recall reading on a bobot site – the first reaction to Obama getting mixed into this was
“Good luck, Rio!”
Be careful what you wish for!
Oh, and this is a cue quote in retrospective
Smiling and waving as he left the convention center to fly home, Mr. Obama said: “The only thing I’m upset about is that they arranged for me to follow Michelle. That’s always bad.”
Reminds me of W blaming Pickles for dropping Barney.

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Just when you thought Obama may have to leave the Chicago Olympics and take a position in healthcare reform, the finance committee came up with a weasely public option:

It would be available to people with incomes above Medicaid eligibility but below 200 percent of the federal poverty level — a very narrow window

The plan would not be free. It is based on Washington state’s Basic Health plan, which costs roughly 60 dollars a month, with the remainder of the premium subsidized by the state.

It is so watered down, it’s barely an option and very little public. What became apparent after the original write-up was that the model for this bait and switch, it’s at present frozen, dead in the water

when you go the plan’s website, you’re greeted with this: “To stay within the appropriated budget, Basic Health is no longer processing incoming applications to determine eligibility and has officially implemented a waiting list

Oh, by all means, find something broken and emulate it. The amount of deceit is staggering the mind!

This too would be a state plan with federal grants, where the states have the option

to set up their plans, which would negotiate with medical providers on payment rates rather than base them on Medicare’s fees, as other public option plans would do.

But, as Reid equivocated

“Remember, a public option is a relative term,” Reid said. “There’s a public option, there’s a public option, and there’s a public option. And we’re going to look at each of them.”

And after looking, they picked a big turd, stuck the label “public option” on it and served it to us. After all, it’s all relative.

And yet, it’s sold by Huffpo as it’s really worth fighting for – or against

However, Republicans fear — and progressives hope — that once the plan becomes law there will be pressure to expand it.

Oh, sure, everyone will want more turd.

What a waste of political opportunity!

Update Turns out that after all the confidence public option advocates had in Obama, he certainly didn’t interfere in its favor before the shutting down of the 2 amendments

The lack of political pressure from President Barack Obama and his lieutenants is the latest indication of the White House’s lagging interest in passing healthcare reform that calls for a large government role.

in spite of the fact that as a rule

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have not been shy in calling members to vote for controversial legislation. Both men personally appealed to many members to vote for the economic stimulus package as well as the climate change bill that cleared the House earlier this year.

I guess they are not that much into the public option, supporters’ delusions notwithstanding.

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