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Another NYC tabloid weighs in the latest embarrassing Hollywood hero

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which is bound to get stronger as people find out that the arrest was prompted by the outrageous actions of Polanski’s own lawyers.

It seems the line between reality and make believe was lost on them when they used a documentary as basis for a request for dismissal. The arrest was the response to that. Just as the judge repudiation of the original plea bargain was Polanski’s leaving town before sentencing. He us a profile in hubris – at the time of the crime, the sentencing and now, the request for dismissal. And Hollywood sees him as a victim? it must be good to be the king!


When listing the acts of hubris I left out that incredible interview in which Roman speaks for….everyone?
(Don’t hate me for being too cool)


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No sooner did speculation start that Obama would have to decide the fate of the public option, that information had came out about the nature of that move. The Hill has this headline

Obama Drafts Health Care Fallback Plan

After being somewhat hopeful yesterday that – somehow they’ll do the right thing, I abandoned all hope at the reading of the word “fallback”

This has been divulged before, weeks ago and the money quote was identical

The White House measure appears designed to entice moderate Democrats and perhaps even Republicans into supporting a health care overhaul if legislative efforts in Congress fail or if they move too far to the left.

Now, with the public option defeated in committee and Obama going to pitch Chicago in Danmark “because healthcare reform is doing OK” it just gets a new meaning.

That republican appeasing, commie reeling in compromise was drafted before the speech that left everyone reassured/confused as to where Obama stands on the public option.

And while the Hill makes it appear as if someone there is pouring on draft writing, chances are, this is still the draft the insurers came up with back last December. You know, the one in which they traded the preexisting condition dirty trick in exchange for the individual mandates one. And also declared their opposition to a public option and employer mandate.

And in the interest of truth, I’ll underline once again – this is speculation – on information already available weeks ago. But the fact that it’s the only one out there, is not insignificant.

Especially since, according to WaPo, he will need the GOP to advance his war (h/t The Widdershins)

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