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Is this anything like “hate the sin, love the sinner”?

As I read the headline of this article

Baucus bill booed at Obama health rally

I got a bit  of hope. Maybe, after realizing they’ve been had, B0bots will open their eywa and pay attention to the ctual issues rather than worship personalities.

President Obama’s mention of Sen. Max Baucus’s healthcare proposal drew boos Thursday at a healthcare rally at the University of Maryland.

But Obama followed the fuzzy soccer mom routine Michelle’s handlers gave her and gave B0bots their 5 minutes of hate

Obama did not endorse Baucus’s bill at the rally. But he assailed critics of his broader goal, threatening those who mischaracterize his plans that he will “call them out.”

“I’ve heard a lot of Republicans say they want to kill ‘ObamaCare,'” Obama said. “Some even raise money off of it.”

And guess what? Staying vague and designating a target paid off:

By the end of the rally, the president had brought the crowd firmly back to his side, leading them in the now-familiar chants of “Fired up, ready to go.”

Go where? I thought. The bill you booed is sold by the man that fired you up. Again. For nothing.

meanwhile, Obama’s site quietly drops the public option

The letter appearing on the current site still urges members of Congress to support President Obama’s plan for health reform – which includes a public option – however the word “must” has been dropped.

But who cares? There are Republicans that must be “called out”

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Will Rogers was right. You can fool some people all the time.

And what’s evem more disturbing, it’s catching. Even to people formerly known to have a brain and integrity

The Baucus bill  “unworkable and unacceptable” but even a bad bill could be much better than nothing?  What?  You want to try that again?  So, first he tells any of us that support single payer, that we’re being unreasonable by sticking by our convictions during the first real phase of negotiations.  I know Krugman knows game theory, so I ask you, where is the sense in negotiating  your potential end game position from the start of the first node?

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