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All the anticipation and propaganda billed up to the bestest speech evah, all the news from CNN that everyone was loving the speech, donating to DNC and naming their first born “Healthcare” and all people talk today is how evil/brave that one heckler was. Somehow, 2 words from some guy have had more impact on everyone than Obama’s “memorable, game changing” speech

I confess I didn’t watch – just read it the next day. But to me, so much attention on such a minor intermission says just one thing: it must have been one hell of a boring evening!

Skimming through the headlines, the funniest is not the one about caffeine pills, nor the one about a T-shirt but this one:

Pelosi halts effort to sanction Wilson

I guess, Nancy, “censure is …off the table:

While she said the South Carolina Republican’s action was “stunning,” and noted that lawmakers can be sanctioned for calling other lawmakers liars, she said she didn’t want to dwell on the incident.

“It’s time for us to talk about healthcare, not Joe Wilson,” said Pelosi (D-Calif.).

No shit, Sherlock. Stealing elections, starting wars under false reasons, torturing – I didn’t hear a peep from the Democrats against the evil GOP. But God forbid, heckle Teh One and all hell breaks lose…

And talking about favorites, I just found Andrew Sullivan’s favorite

First Lady Michelle Obama, seated behind and above Wilson, seemed to mouth a drawn-out “damn” at the scene unfolding before her.

Paging Dr Freud! Seems to me there’s a lot of frustration in B0botland and nobody wants to let it against the real target. So, this is why, a little heckler gets headlines Bush didn’t. Like this one:

GOP Still the Party of Lincoln? Not with Joe Wilson in It

Now with accusations of racism – and the evenΒ  iffier “he is from the South”

He’s from South Carolina, which has been in the news recently because of Wilson’s fellow Republicans, Gov. Mark Sanford and AndrΓ© Bauer, but not for the reasons they’d prefer.

— If you wondered if perhaps this guy might be a Neo-Confederate or other person who might not be inclined to treat a black president with the same respect as he would a white one, you’d be right again

Indeed. A one second heckler becomes a household name. All signs point to: the speech was a great success!

I can finally answer myiq2xu’s question: has an Obama speech ever change anything?

Yes, it did! For Joe Wilson!


David Brooks who recognized Obama’s pants crease as his own ilk, also considers himself a winner

Obama threw out enough rhetorical chum to keep the liberals happy, yet he subtly staked out ground in the center on nearly every substantive issue in order to win over the moderates needed to get anything passed.

There’s enough truth in that, and especially in the conclusion that Obama

He has decided to expand the current system, not fix it.

But Brooks is wrong in assuming ideology has anything to do with it. Obama did and said whatever it was that his real base wanted him to say. His contributors that is.

But who am I to say the best spech evah wasn’t effective? Rasmussen says it increased support for the bill

– by 2% from the Democrats only.

So, I think we need to plan an all out attack on Joe Wilson. Only after he is no more can the world be a better place. Change and hope and everything.

Update two

Things get funnier by the minute! Congress Dems ignore Pelosi and go ahead

Dems plan anti-Wilson resolution next week

There was a violation of the rules of the House,” said Brendan Daly, spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who initially bridled at the idea when asked about it on Thursday/ “It needs to be resolved by an apology or a resolution.”

Wilson, who has apologized directly to the president, has said he’s through with the mea culpas.

Now imagine if this Wilson guy had done something trivial, like start a war, torture people, exempt himself from laws…