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Back in November, Bobots were keeping their self-respect by hatching secret plan dreams – you know, the ones where Obama only appears to betray them, when in fact by playing multidimensional chess on Pluto is manipulating all the bad guys to give in.

Last February, David Sirota wrote a pathetic “admonition to Clintonites and Naderites” trying to justify his poor political choices for the past years with a “Oh yeah? And your grandma stinks”!

I was giving him as reading material in that entry a piece of Chris Hedges in Truthdig about the castration of the American left movement

The American left, he said, has crumbled. It sold out to a bankrupt Democratic Party, abandoned the working class and has no ability to organize.

Six months and a heathcare mess later, Sirota finaly caught up. His headline mirrors Hedges points

Progressives Pay the Price for Confusing a Party With a Movement

Good to see you among the sentient, David! How’s the hatred of the Clintons doing these days?

He even musters a definition

The difference between parties and movements is simple: Parties are loyal to their own power regardless of policy agenda; movements are loyal to their own policy agenda regardless of which party champions it.

A bit weak in my opinion. See, to me the difference between activism and politics is the motivator/goal.

One becomes an activist because one becomes passionate about an issue – stopping the war, saving the planet, social justice – you name it. It’s all about convictions. They tend to stay the same, no matter who comes and goes in Washington.

One works for a political party for power and goodies. They’ll bend and go to any length to get them.

What happened in 2008 – honest, idealistic and naive people were bamboozled, corrupted, paid off and started to work for power, money and influence rather than what they believed in. It’s actually captured to an extent in Sirota’s piece:

True grass-roots movements that deliver concrete legislative results are not steered by marble-columned institutions, wealthy benefactors or celebrity politicians-and they are rarely ever run from Washington.

Now why would Sirota say that? Could it be because he and other bloggers were paid good money to unleash all that anti-Hillary hatred they did during the primaries? Could it be, Moveon – a grassroots goup founded to fight the RW attacks on Clinton – was hijacked by donations of millions and used to strongarm caucases for Obama?

We don’t get those details. Just the dejection caused by the silence on the left

Despite the president’s health care retreat, most major progressive groups continue to cheer him on, afraid to lose their White House access and, thus, their Beltway status. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that has “yet to take a clear position on Afghanistan” while VoteVets’ leader all but genuflected to Obama, saying, “People [read: professional political operatives] do not want to take on the administration.”

Lectures Sirota in the end

They are almost always far-flung efforts by those organized around real-world results-those who don’t care about party conventions, congressional cocktail parties or White House soirees they were never invited to in the first place.

You mean, like the ones that have been consistently progressive  and warned you about Obama being a tool? The ones you were berating still in February? Those “uninvited to soirees people?

Ironic, the soirees comment. Considering this embarrassing admission

as a member of the press, I was corralled into a steel cage (see right) and cordoned off from the audience, as if under quarantine. Oh, and I was also set apart from the “traveling press” – the national reporters that travel on Air Force One. They got the good seats, and the local media was put in the back (no sour grapes, I swear – I’m just happy to have gotten in).

So, what was the price of you “getting in” then?

How comes the words “selling out” are as conspicuously absent from your column as “I am sorry”


h/t cj: Peggy Nooner – who waxed poetic on Obama primaries time, calling him “Reaganesque” almost mirrors what Sirota said

I don’t think as a presidential style it will wear well with the center. And it may not wear well with the president’s own party. They may come to see him, in time, as not really one of them. And that’s when things will really get interesting.

Do I detect a note of glee in this? as in “Mwa-ha-ha-ha” – we managed to screw them all up”? Or rather:

“Ta-Da! It was us, the Villagers behind it all along, wha’cha gonna do about it now?”

As for the regressives – seeing how boycotting Whole Foods was their only action this summer, maybe they should rename themselves the Arugula generation”


On the heels of Nooner’s question comes this headline

Is Obama One of Us?

and for the touch of Rahmflu it countains, they go the extra step of acknowledging that it was Obama that hired evil Rahm .

It contains a last rhetorical hope and a reveling ending

This is why this issue and this question will be determinative. We’ll find out what Obama is made of and what his real intentions are. We’ll find out if he is one of us or one of them. I’m afraid to look

I would too if I’d be responsible for his ascent. And didn’t know the answer to this question since last year.

Then, there’s another one which is past asking

After Obama

.and starts

Eight months into it, it now seems pretty clear that the Obama administration is finished.


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