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Stalwart Cindy Sheehan still protests, changing location from Crawford to Marta’s Vineyard (which is “a lot nicer”).

“The reason I am here is because … even though the facade has changed in Washington D.C., the policies are still the same,

The one article covering the event goes out of its way to note the absence of the followers:

But Sheehan no longer has the following she once had, when thousands joined her in Crawford and across the country. As CBS News White House producer Robert Hendin reports, there were was only a handful of people in her audience yesterday, in addition to the four speakers. There were more present from the media than there were protesters.

OK, let’s set the recordΒ  straight about coverage: How many protesters can you count on this page one? Something tells me there was more media there as well. In the days when anti-war protests were in the millions, the media was reporting “thousands” or maybe “tens of thousands”

That being said, it’s definitely true that most of the anti-war activists went home. Some are still harboring the illusion Obama is anti-war (oops! I almost said “fairy tale for a second. Got to watch for those words!)

Most of them are yet to catch with what Chris Floyd summed up

Obama offered very little that was “progressive.” He was for continuing the War on Terror on Bush’s terms, winding down the war in Iraq more or less on the schedule Bush had negotiated, then expanding the war in Afghanistan and extending it into Pakistan. He threw his support behind Bush’s plan to bail out Wall Street. He took to the bully pulpit to scold black fathers for their failings, and black people in general for blaming the system for their problems. He made campaign appearances with homophobic preachers, while throwing over his own pastor and long-time friend. He surrounded himself with advisers from Wall Street. He pledged to increase the size and reach and power of the War Machine. And so on and so forth. He was, if anything, well to the right of, say, Bill Clinton in 1992 — and Bill Clinton in 1992 was the most right-wing Democratic candidate since Woodrow Wilson.

Obama’s “progressivism” consisted almost entirely of the symbolism of his mixed-race heritage and personal history.

But for thoseΒ  who used to follow Cindy but are now staying home, it’s not a war if it’s Obama’s.

Asking for 20,000 more troops in Afghanistan has to be righteous if done by Obama.

June, the bloodiest month in Iraq (and I don’t know about July) – has to be W’s fault

Why protest war? We’re told that once upon a time, Obama made a speech.