One of the NYC tabloids notices the absence of the B0bots

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and of course draws all the wrong conclusions:

The fact that the 18-29 voting bloc is more likely to be in good health could be keeping it away from this issue, experts said.

So, it’s not because Obama actually has no proposal and some crappy bill that is not inspiring any support is being crafted. It’ because B0bots are so very young and healthy…

Which reminds me of another wrong conclusion the usually astute Ted Rall drew n his animation “liberals are just lazier than RW-ers when it comes to protesting. I t may look that way if you get your news from TV only.

Having marched and protested all the things Rall thinks we didn’t, I don’t buy it. We just never did get coverage, the way they do.

So, it’s not a law meant to give insurance companies a captive market by setting mandates on peopleΒ  that doesn’t inspire support from anyone.

It’s that the supporters are too young. Or too lazy.

(never thought I’d defend B0bots)

As for what I am going to do? It’s all detailed in here