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Having ditched single payer and public option, Obama continues his apology tour to the right, this time to the faith leaders, making sure there are no hard feelings  on that side. Burried in a 2 pages article there is this interesting sentence:

Obama also insisted the plan would not provide government funding for abortion.

Oh, and while at it, no stinkin’ immigrants either (refered to as “individuals”).

Interestingly enough, in Anne Kornbluth’s corresponding article in WaPo funding for abortion is not mentioned

but knowing what he said, the headline becomes more interesting

“On Faith Call, Obama Seeks to Refute ‘Ludicrous’ Claims About Health Reform”

Indeed – cover abortions  – preposterous!

Thinking back to the primaries, Hillary had a plan, cheatin’ John had a plan, Obama had a “me too” patchwork.

Not unlike in 2000 Gore would talk about preserving Social Security and Bush would have a stump speech about “we love Social Security and our seniors” (no word of privatization)

Not unlike in 2004, when Wesley Clark would have a speech about ending the war in Iraq through regional diplomacy and Bush would schedule a speech on Iraq the same day – repeating the old empty slogans but sucking all the air time from the new ideas.

It’s how Obama sucked the air out of all possible reform, beginning with the campaign, and continuing now – with his tour from center right to extreme right.

Move away, ladies, we’re on our way to postpartisanship. Or how the poor B0bots still try to see it – multidimensional chess. On Pluto.

So there!