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Image – courtesy of Afrocity Brown

Axelrod was president and sole shareholder of AKPD from 1985 until he sold his interest after Obama’s victory, government records show. The firm owes Axelrod $2 million, which it’s due to pay in installments beginning Dec. 31. Axelrod’s son, Michael, still works there.

It seems the little backdoor agreement with Pharma at the White House is kicking some doe Axelrod’s pocket

The problem is that Axelrod’s former firm is currently receiving huge fees “from Healthy Economy Now, a coalition that includes the Washington-based Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, known as PhRMA,” as well as AARP, the SEIU and other big players in the health care debate.

Big players to the tune of 12 million – in an advertising deal for Obama’s propaganda they just got – this was also news to me

two separate $12 million ad campaigns advocating Obama’s health care

plan that were produced and placed partly by AKPD Message and Media, a firm founded by Axelrod that employs his son and still owes Axelrod $2 million.

I’d like to know who’s paying the 12 million? Taxpayers?

House Republicans got a talking points memo that says

White House-PhRMA deal raises “serious questions as to whether the drug lobby is helping to bankroll a multimillion dollar severance package for one of the President’s senior advisers.”

The memo points out that the drug industry will profit handsomely from the deal and asks whether Axelrod “recused himself from the PhRMA ‘deal,’ or will he work to defend an agreement with an industry that is directly funding his son’s work, and indirectly funding his own $2 million severance package?”

And while Axelrod has to respond to this, the White House has been “caught by surprise” by all this love for the public option from the left

“I don’t understand why the left of the left has decided that this is their Waterloo,” said a senior White House adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We’ve gotten to this point where health care on the left is determined by the breadth of the public option. I don’t understand how that has become the measure of whether what we achieve is health-care reform.”

Wow! Sometimes I feel like during the Bush years – I am not sure whether to attribute all the fubars to incompetence or corruption!