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Truth is a daughter of time….

In spite of the incessant barrage of slander from the media, Clinton was a very popular president who left the office with a 68% approval rate…Immediately after, trying to score some points in approval on it, W’s administration launced a rapid slew of new accusations: Office-gate, AF-1 gate, Pardon-gate and NY taboids were detailing daily the fees for his speeches and the salaries of his Secret Service, with Arlen Specter fuming over Pardongate “It doesn’t matter he isn’t in office anymore – we can still take away his secret service”

Then came the barrage of CDS during last year’s primary…

And after the North Korean rescue came the maligned CDS NK strain

And in spite of this, Rassmusen polling found this jump in their numbers by 26%

Twenty-nine percent (29%) of women have a better opinion of Bill Clinton now, compared to 21% of men. Twelve percent (12%) of male voters have a worse opinion of him versus just five percent (5%) of female voters.

By parties this breaks

Predictably, 35% of Democrats think more highly of Clinton, a view shared by only 16% of Republicans. But 24% of voters not affiliated with either party feel the same way. GOP voters are twice as likely as the others to have a worse view of Clinton now then eight years ago.

Of course, this poll needed to have an agenda, so a comparison with Hillary is included.

Hidden in thise results is the 59% approval rate Hillary gets for her job.

Showcased is Bill’s slightly higher number – 58 to 53 – which of course appears elsewhere on the web – without any of the good news

In Bill-Hillary popularity contest, Bill wins

The reall good news is – there is no popularity contest – except in the small minds of those afflicted with CDS.

For most of us, one of them shining, raises the other one as well, I always admired Bill Clinton for his being attracted to strong, intelligent women. I always liked about Hillary the fact that she was part of the administration of the best president in my lifetime.

It doesn’t escape me though – that in spite all the bad press she got, Hillary has a 59% job approval rate, compared to Obama’s 45% (as established by the same pollsters). In spite of all the fawning by the media over Teh One.

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