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So is the “happy note” ending of the disgusting titled article on the compromise with the Blue Dogs

Liberals gag over health deal

But here they are, in this article on 3 pages, being coralled into submission by a minority of true blue DINOs.
A big swindle took place with childish self reassuring comments from the “liberals” such as
“He said they would have plenty of opportunities to change it back,” said the source, who added that members left the meeting still agitated but “somewhat reassured.”
The joke on us is even more sinister when one reads Michael Tomasky’s Guardian study on Blue Dogs. Under the headline

How nervous should those Blue Dogs be?

…he crunches numbers in their respective districts and concludes that

40 of the 49, or 82%, won their races by double digits.


many of these Democrats are safer than they contend. People need to start challenging them on this.

So, we have a double hoax, paid for pharma which will give us a crappy law – in the one and only political time when a meaningful reform might have been enacted. And that’s why the ugly specter of misogyny had to be raised against Hillary by all those in the media that propped W – to make  sure that it wouldn’t happen.

So, the Progressives went into a room and the key has been thrown away, and no one remembers where that room ever was…