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With everyone concentrated on healthcare and the distractions from healthcare, everybody forgot that there re two wars still going…

To be sure, during Jr times everyone developped amnesia about Afghanistan, but  now that we have Jr.jr is as if the whole concept of war has een erased from people’s minds.

So when I saw this headline in an AFP article

Six killed in Iraq violence

I suddenly realized how silent EVERYONE has grown on the war(s).

After describing several violent incidents the article drops the bombshell in the last paragraph:

Violence had dropped markedly throughout the country in recent months but attacks increased in the run-up to the US military pullback, with 437 Iraqis killed in June — the highest death toll in 11 months.

I remember when, by the time W became a lame duck these kinds of news were displayed where people could get at them. And they did get at them – if only for blaming Hillary for it….

Somehow, nobody is at fault now. I guess we are in a postwar society now? (the same way we’re in a post-partisan, post-racial society as well)

“post” stands for “we don’t want to talk about it”


Some obviously still remember Afghanistan as more troops will be requested in another little noted repost