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I didn’t expect to have nything relevant in that department today, but the “stupid cops” comment retraction was bound to hit some page ones today.

NY Daily News has a “words eating” headline

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while the supposedly opposition NY Post is more conciliatory

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Now, let’s have some beer for the voters from Pensylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia etc

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It’s an irony overload when NY Times – Obama’s propaganda paper of record is complaining about Obama’s overexposure

Obama complains about the tyranny of “the news cycle,” pronouncing the words with an air of above-it-all disdain for the impatience and fecklessness of today’s media culture.

Yet after six months in office, perhaps no other president has been more attuned to, or done more to dominate, the news cycle he disparages.

And of course the pique has a reason

In the past four days, Mr. Obama gave “exclusive” interviews to Jim Lehrer of PBS, Katie Couric of CBS and Meredith Vieira of NBC. He gave two interviews to The Washington Post on one day, one to the editorial page editor and one to news reporters.

Two interviews to WaPo? And what of the NYT? Not fair, I tells ya!

But the irony grew to cosmic proportions when they – the NYT actually made the “Clinton was better” comparison:

Past presidents routinely took a couple questions from reporters during photo opportunities. Mr. Clinton answered questions 158 times this way in his first six months, compared with Mr. Obama’s 30.

Oh, yeah it’s war – and NYT fels it

The all-Obama, all-the-time carpet bombing of the news media represents a strategy by a White House seeking to deploy its most effective asset in service of its goals,

I remember when McCain said it and it was considered racist.  The columns, the mock up plane, mock up seal were just sins of the deep hunger of exposure that is only now starting to let loose.

And the media that enabled the celebrity in Chief? They can be miffed some days, but will go there, camera and microphones ready to add fuel to the fire. I’ll let the NYT article end this with the Freudian use of “Me”

Mr. Obama responded in his opening remarks: “A lot of Americans may be wondering, ‘What’s in this for me? How does my family stand to benefit from health insurance reform?’ So tonight I want to answer those questions.”

For those who missed those answers, not to worry. No doubt there will be another chance soon enough.

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