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Still not up to serious news, so,

I get to the main event in the bookworms world: the latest Harry Potter opened last night.

I might have made more of it, had I not been still jet lagged. After all, I did stay until midnight to buy the last 4 books!

Of course, a new movie is far less of an event than a new book, but since the books are over, beggars can’t be choosers.

As it is, I’ll take my daughter on Friday at the IMAX showing. We know, we won’t be emotionally drained because, duh…wrong Dumbledore

as someone captured in this entry (careful: if you didn’t read the book and lived under a rock, it has a spoiler at the end)

But we will try to get the feeling of last night through posts on blogs or evenΒ  Twitter.

It was fun to see adults like me coping with the age displacement.

And only one person didn’t enjoy it – because of a headache. Will go again, without the headache.


And, for the literary minded, here’s a hillarious collection of writings about the end of HP (before the book was out) in famous styles. Here’s DR Seuss:

Dr. Seuss:


“You tried to kill me with your wand.

You tried to kill me near a pond.

You killed my mommy and my dad,

And that’s what made me really mad.

You possessed my main squeeze little Ginny

when I whined my voice turned tinny.

I hate you truly, I really do

I’ll kill you now, and that is true.”
(Upon hearing this Voldemort drops dead from bad poetry)


Snape's on a Plane