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It seems that NY Post has a hard time letting go of its favorite target! As I noticed – blurry eyed – that cover I thought that maybe instead of going just 7 hours back, I managed a whole year, it just had that 2008 feel:

Yesterday – yes, I am still jet-lagged it treated us to the following cover

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Somehow, bashing Hillary managed to get as much page one real estate as Michael Jackson. As for the story, I finally looked at the article, – complete with news graph

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searching for the rat – especially as I know that when “Bloomy” fumes about something, it ain’t any skin off my nose.

Seems “Bloomy” (and NY Post) hold Hillary responsible for debts to NYC since 2002…

He also took the State Department to task for not paying the city some $66 million for security services the NYPD provided to the United Nations.

They’ve owed the money since 2002, he said.

And sure enough, I had to get to the last paragraph to get the actual story:

The State Department claims the policy change came because the United States doesn’t pay taxes on overseas properties it owns.

“Without this action, the US taxpayer stood to lose hundreds of millions of dollars that would have had to be paid to foreign governments for properties,” said Ian Kelly, a State Department spokesman.

As I noticed before, the dollar ain’t worth dick. So “Bloomy” can take his arrogance and shove it.

Just think of the US as a newly poor and stop associating with it


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