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I was away from the Father’s Day mediagasm – busy as I was celebrating Summer Solstice and helping my kid with her Father Day offerings.

So, when the smoke cleared, all I saw was this amazing leftover in SF Gate

n this Father’s Day, the American public should proudly note that our president takes his personal role as father (and spouse) as seriously as he does his job as father of the country.

Oh, I didn’t forget how Rove & gang used to tell us about W knowing better than us what we need and W that he doesn’t need to explain his decisions. The Patriarchy was quite explicit then too.

But at least in the media – supine as it was – we didn’t get W’s slogans as headlines

Obama’s example: Putting family first

Nor did we get told that W – or anyone else since Washington – was Father of the Country…

The outright piece of propaganda lists point by point the amazing exemplary things Obama does as a father then sticking its finger in our eye

Come next Father’s Day, our banking crisis might not be wholly resolved, the auto industry might not be on its feet again, and health care coverage might not be fully available to the uninsured. But we can only hope that fathers and spouses everywhere will be thinking “What Would Obama Do?” as they navigate through the murky waters of parenthood and family life.

Hey, propaganda lady – if those economic crisis will not be solved by next father day, how will all those lecture fathers put food on their families – as W would say?

But the father propaganda is important to Daddy Issues Obama – so Axelrod muscled out another editorial from Parade Magazine to share his letter to his daughters with the masses. Because children always love being on display! It usually invites kindness from people like Letterman and Maher but not when your daddy swats flies like the destiny itself