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As the media keeps harping on the Obama era, I have been trying to figure out a defining feature – besides “Jr.jr”.

I found this news on Political Wire

Lieberman Bounces Back

In the wake of Sen. John McCain’s loss in the presidential election, “many political analysts said Lieberman was done. Defying the pundits yet again, Lieberman survived a major effort to take away his Homeland Security Committee chairmanship. And his political stock has spiked.”

And there’s one comment which best sums it up:

This is a greater reflection on Obama’s leadership, rather than Liebermans.

Indeed. How did courageous Bush critics fares? Let’s see:

Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame – told to STFU

Paul Krugman seems to have been coopted in the process of Wooing the Gray Lady

having already given face-time to Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, David Brooks and Maureen Dowd.

Dan Froomkin from WaPo was fired. Laments Greenwald:

what one finds virtually nowhere in the establishment press are those who criticize Obama not in order to advance their tawdry right-wing agenda but because the principles that led them to criticize Bush compel similar criticism of Obama.

For those who missed the count, this is the guy who joined WRWC against Clinton expressing ‘indignation” in the senate, betrayed Gore, selling the election by demanding phony military ballots to be counted, sponsored (with Edwards0 the IWR, supported every neocon excess during Bush, was reelected with Cheney’s and the GOP help by running against the Dem candidate (DNC helped too) and for the finishing touch endorsed McCain.

So, yeah, that someone like Lieberman (Obama’s mentor, BTW) flourishes in these times, is a reflection on Obama, more than it is on Lieberman.