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Eaten by Ray’s hellburger by Dan Lacey (h/t Cinie)

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Fresh on the hills of the CNN reporter deamily wondering about the Presidential Lunch, comes MoDo’s magnificent obsession with what Obama eats and how it impacts our commoners life – basically, it’s all PR – but is it the right PR?

Even as he grows arugula in the White House vegetable garden, Barack Obama never again wants to be seen as the hoity-toity guy fretting over the price of arugula at Whole Foods.

That is why the president ends up sending mixed signals on food.

Comments the New Editor

Ms. Dowd, like a good portion of the New York-Washington political and media nexus, thinks the public is an idiot, and that it hangs on every action, every word of its spokesman, the new president, as if it were some divine guidance for how to live its life.

What a bunch of self-absorbed jerks.

Let it be not said that the Obama paper of record doesn’t have some real news as well. There’s an interesting headline on a poll

In Poll, Obama Is Seen as Ineffective on the Economy

followed by an article so twisted in equivocation that one needs to return to the headline again and again to remember what this is about

A substantial majority of Americans say President Obama has not developed a strategy to deal with the budget deficit, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, which also found that support for his plans to overhaul health care, rescue the auto industry and close the prison at GuantΓ‘namo Bay, Cuba, falls well below his job approval ratings

The numbers are never revealed – we don’t know yet what a substantial majority is, but the gist is – we love the way he’s doing his job, we just don’t agree with anything he’s doing

Such as, maybe, trying to take credit for maintainng status quo, while pretending to help gay rights

Or as the WORM paper of record puts it

Mr. Obama said the memorandum β€” which represents his interpretation of existing law β€” represented just a start

Umm…if the law was existing, why the fanfare, complete with photo-op signing illustrating the article?…..

To keep up, I’ll have to complete the media’s obsession with Teh One’s digestive functions with a Mr Fish cartoon

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