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CNN breathlessly breaks the news, complete with video

Oops! President Obama confuses right, left

You’d think it’s about the famous postpartisanship era, but then again – this is CNN

President Obama is so busy these days dealing with pressing foreign policy issues like Iran and North Korea, that he can’t seem to tell his right from his left.

Huh? “So busy”?

So it gows, complete with video a whole article fawning over this so very endearing “oops”

And it’s not as if they don’t know better

That oops moment alone wouldn’t have deserved a write-up, but for the fact that there was more confusion after the press availability.

The reporter ends by fantasizing about how awesome the Presidential lunch must be

They are now having lunch in the Old Family Dining Room. I presume the president will use the right fork.

Aw, you little rascal!

It’s the actual news they are annoyed with and they report with disdain.

Meanwhile, in the real word, the right and  so called “left” conspire against we the people

Dem, GOP centrists meet in secret

Members of the centrist GOP “Tuesday Group,” the New Democrat Coalition and the 52-member Blue Dog Coalition have been discussing both the policies and politics of moving their middle-of-the-road ideas in a body of Congress usually dominated by liberal or conservative ideology.

Why the secrecy?

Noting that some members could be retaliated against by their leaders, some lawmakers declined to mention to whom they were talking. Rep. Patrick Tiberi (R-Ohio) said that he wouldn’t “throw (Blue Dogs) under the bus” by revealing the identities of his Democratic colleagues.

What would they have to talk about?

Those centrist factions are wary of the proposals their respective leaders will introduce this month. Blue Dogs are leery of the so-called public option in the healthcare reform bill that is expected to hit the House floor this summer

And now we go full circle to the CNN piece, only without “oops”

Both Castle and Tiberi were part of a small group of Republicans that visited the White House earlier this year to discuss areas of compromise on healthcare reform with President Obama and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

According to Tiberi, the president and Emanuel said they want bipartisan support and “are open to new ideas.” The centrist GOP members said they told Obama and Emanuel that they have ideas but that Democratic leaders in the House won’t listen.

Indeed, so very busy, he forgets sometimes…

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