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On the misogyny front, even as Letterman gets to deliver a real apology (an advertiser left CBS), Bill Maher jumps into the fray adding his very special brand of patronizing of women that endeared him to boys of all ages for so many years

In defending his friend, Maher thought Republicans had over reacted and this was just a case of ‘fake’ outrage. Much ado about nothing. He then went on talking about how Letterman had invited Sarah Palin and her young daughter, Willow, to appear as guests on his show but the Governor declined because she thought it would be wise to keep her daughter away from him. Said Maher, “…that’s right, he’s 62 years old, he’s gonna fuck her right there on stage…it would be very wise to keep her, very wise, yes. You know, I’d worry a little more about the 18-year old hockey players who knock up your daughters.”

Oh, Bill, just as you woke up a bit from your koolaid stupor over the Misogynist in Chief, you had to remind us why as you say in that piece are “still a fan”

So, according to TV Guide a protest is being organized against Letterman today

Leahy, who also helped organize the anti-tax “tea parties” in cities across the country earlier this year, estimated anywhere from 50 to 300 people would attend a protest planned outside Letterman’s studio in New York City on Tuesday.

What about Maher? Will “it’s not TV, it’s HBO” thingy protect him?

And as Breibart remarks

According to Bill Maher, these jokes are ‘harmless.’ Women of NOW are you listening?

The other healthy dose of irony today comes from the story of Obama’s hemming and hawing over how to react to Iran’s stolen election. Politico informs us about Obama’s hand being forced (such a leader, that one!)

Echoing the words of the Brookings Institute guy, Obama mostly adopted a Greta Garbo stance

“We respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran,” he said.

I can see why a president installed via dubious vote count finds the subject uncomfortable.

But I bet you won’t guess who else is suddenly outraged about election theft

One particularly funny turn is the GOP’s righteous indignation

“The administration’s silence in the face of Iran’s brutal suppression of democratic rights represents a step backwards for homegrown democracy in the Middle East,” said House GOP whip Eric Cantor of Virginia.

And it gets better! remember Joe “count all phony military ballots” Lieberman?
There’s every indication that this was not a legitimate election,” Lieberman said, adding that the U.S. needed to be supporting the Iranian people demonstrating for democratic freedoms.
Oh, Joe, I was demonstrating in the streets for my democratic freedoms too in 2000 and I was your voter too…Where was the dedication to democracy then?
But the biggest joke of all would be Kerry – who had a typical long winded speech – who also became a later day fan of voting rights
“I share the concern of many in Iran and around the world that the announced results of Iran’s presidential election appear not to reflect the will of the Iranian people. The subsequent crackdown only heightens those concerns.”
which he followed with  the twistiest of ways to suck up to Obama
Kerry said the elections just reinforced Obama’s Iran policy. “The spirited debate, huge rallies and record-setting turnout show that the Iranian people want a real say in their government – and that many reject the hostile, confrontational approach of the past several years,” the senator said. “It also reinforces the wisdom of President Obama’s direct outreach to the Iranian people and his offer of a different vision for Iran’s role in the world.”
Wow, John! So happy your days of crying in your tea cup are over..But are you saying that the violence in Iraq is some sort of vindication of your idol (who threw you under the bus?) I was looking for the word “vindication” in your speech…Still hard to say, huh?

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