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In other countries that is.

They are doing that now in Iran, they did it in 2004 in Servia, they even had a recount that reversed the results in Romania 2004…

For reasons easy to understand, our media doesn’t even bother covering the Iran unrest following the electoral coup

As the Iranian election aftermath unfolded in Tehran–thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest their anger at perceived electoral irregularities–an unexpected hashtag began to explode through the Twitterverse: “CNNFail.”

Even as Twitter became the best source for rapid fire news developments from the front lines of the riots in Tehran, a growing number of users of the microblogging service were incredulous at the near total lack of coverage of the story on CNN, a network that cut its teeth with on-the-spot reporting from the Middle East.

Here’s their silence captured in real time

Why would that be, I wonder? Could it be, because Teh One is also the beneficiary of a stolen election and declared he would ignore the unpleasantness in Iran as well?

The Obama administration is determined to press on with efforts to engage the Iranian government, senior officials said Saturday, despite misgivings about irregularities in the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Notice how they call them “irregularities” – like they did with Bush’s 2004 “victory” Anyway, the reactions as collected by NYT are THAT cynical

β€œThe U.S. will have to worry about being perceived as pandering to a president whose legitimacy is in question. It clearly makes the notion of providing incentives quite unappetizing.”

Yup. Stolen elections aren’t quite what they used to be… Hey, anyone seen Jimmy Carter?
As for the photo in this post, or the banner of this blog – May 31 2008 in DC – never happened.

And don’t even try to post those photos on facebook – your account will be suspended right away. Without cause.