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Let me start that since The Enquirer broke the Edwards story, I am willing to lend tabloids more credibility than the so called MSM.

Second, any rumor, self-perception of Obama being gay is relevant in light of his blatant anti-gays policies. Michelle’s efforts to deal with the fallout would be delicious in light of her “if you can’t run your house” comments

Plus one of the more “respectable” tabloids already did a cover on the Obama’s rocky marriage

So, here comesΒ  The Globe:

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All you can get on line is this summary

FURIOUS Michelle Obama insists a new baby will silence – once and for all – a controversial writer who claims he had a gay fling with the President, insiders say. GLOBE brings you the exclusive word on the First Lady’s pregnancy shocker. It’s must reading for every American.

For the rest, you must get busy in line at the supermarket. I did and unlike other Globe fare on Obama , this one seemed to me a mix of credible and wild speculation. It’s probably because of the way I feel about Lary Sinclair – the only thing boosting his credibility is the intensity of the efforts to silence him up (turned up the cause for his arrest was bogus)

The Globe (which, let’s not forget, used to take on the Bushes as well) barely touches on Sinclair, dealing with the far more interesting aspect: Michelle’s reaction.

I have some trouble buying that Michelle’s team asked publishing houses to pass on Sinclair’s book as a personal favor to Michelle – but I am sure someone was designated to do it.

The pregnancy rumor is a bet that time will confirm or disprove butΒ  they say “they are trying” after all .Β  I do believe Michelle as someone who would think another baby would quell gay rumors and establish Obama’s manliness.

The part that I absolutely buy is the PR campaign to show Obama as a macho man

“with photo ops of the President playing basketball, throwing a football and practicing his golf”

Because, it’s a well known fact, gay men are unable to do any of those things, let alone all of them…

I notice bawling has been left out of the macho remake – maybe since a non-courted M0Do called him effeminate after his ridiculous attempt to appear blue collar for the Pennsylvania primaries (not to worry, a courted Dowd upgraded him to “Darcy” in due time)

There is one item in Michelle’s macho PR campaign which sounds like fun to watch:

She even ordered staffers to make sure barack wasn’t pictured alone with any man unless it was official business

OK, kids – believe the Globe or not – your choice. But have fun watching exaggerated reporting of the couple’s affections

or the macho sportsman, or the lack of another man in “non-official photos”. You may even have a shot game – every time these things occur.

To me, the self-hating homophobe with his wife desperately trying “to run her house” are providing me with some measure of schadenfreude..

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