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I was surprised the other day to actually see a tabloid cover that gave her a fair shake

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But then came David Letterman and his “slutty flight attendant” remarks topped by attacks of Palin’s 14 years old daughter. The kid – ha-ha-ha- get this – is knocked up by A-Rod!

And NY Times which published a transcript, left out the joke about the kid, because only the jokes about the mother were “fit to print”

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In other “screw our rights” news, good ol’ buddy Lieberman and his pal Lindsay Graham threatened to hold their breath until they got purple if they don’t get their way covering for Obama’s withholding of the torture photos

“We’re not going to do any more business in the Senate,” Graham said. “Nothing’s going forward until we get this right.”

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They would actually vote against the bill if not to their liking, which would make for a most surprising ally to the toothless anti-war legislators. Those would be the ones Graham

accused House Democratic leaders of being beholden to “a fringe element in American politics” because he said they appear to be taking the side of the American Civil Liberties Union, which has sued the government under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the other photos. Noting that President Barack Obama supports the provision along with a large majority in the Senate, Graham said, “The only body that is off-script in my mind is the House. … Is the ACLU now in charge of the House of Representatives?”

It’s actually a pretty good observation from Graham. As he establishment rallied behind the Bush Cheney torture cover up policies, the opposition is now…”off script”. They didn’t get the “unitary executive” memo.

New York Times did and they lament the fact that

Mr. Obama cannot control the courts, and lawsuits are turning out to be the force driving disclosures about brutal interrogations.

Oh, the humanity! (how long until he will?)

No matter what happens to this bill, these words need to be remembered, especially Obama’s support wich is bound to be thrown down memory hole along with his unwillingness to close Guantanamo and Gitmo.

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