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It was only after hearing Pat Robertson gloating “gay marriage bill is now off the table in NY” that I grasped what actually happened there: 2 Dem state senators changed party delivering majority to GOP

I guess I’ll get to vote for it by referendum!

Here’s the tabloids coverage:

NY Post doesn’t seem to sad about it although they do mention on page one that the two are – under investigation for fraud and respectively indicted beating his girlfriend

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The Daily News uses the “T” word

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and AM NY looks like a WANTED poster

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Metro has an interesting cover – not altgether unrelated

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At least so would this Huffpo headline have you believe

Obama Could Be Handed First Legislative Defeat Due To Anti-War Liberals

Is HuffPo – the unfiltered propaganda arm of the regime trying to rise sympathy for Obama here?

Or rather, put a positive spin on an eventual setback?

At issue is the war spending bill, which per Reuters grows fatter by the minute

A $100 billion bill to fund U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is rapidly accumulating extra items such as money for military aircraft the Pentagon doesn’t want and possibly a scheme to jump-start sagging auto sales.

not counting for the torture photos cover-up language,and don’t even think it all came out from Congress

President Barack Obama originally sought $83.4 billion for the two wars and more foreign aid for countries like Pakistan.

But then he too sought more — $4 billion extra to combat H1N1 swine flu and $5 billion to back credit lines to the International Monetary Fund,

Now, all that pork earned it political foes and Huffpo, the White House bullhorn explains:

The emergence of opposition from left and right to the expanded legislation has inspired anti-war forces to try to hand Obama his first major defeat.

Oh, the humanity! What will Obama do? What will the big bad liberals do to him? Stay tuned.

It’s all a matter of “politics making strange bed fellows” according to Huffpo

In one of the ironies of the legislative process, the threat of Republicans to vote en masse against the measure has empowered the liberal wing of the House Democratic caucus, giving it potential veto power over the legislation.

So, let’s get this straight: anti-warΒ  legislators feel empowered by GOP opposition – and they’ll use this power to defeat Obama’s bill. Right? Not so fast, because here comes the crucial buried lede

Other anti-war advocates in Congress privately warn that they are likely to be outmaneuvered, and that many in their ranks are not willing to deal Obama a major legislative defeat.

I mean, simple choice really – no matter how complicated the article makes it appear:

WarΒ  or Teh One – which is going to be?

Being Huffpo, the lie that Obama wanted to close Gitmo, Guntanamo but Congress stopped him is repeated here again. I suppose after Lieberman’s fight against the torture photos, they’ll newspeak the past and tell us “Obama always wanted to publish those photos, but Congress wouldn’t let him.”

Propaganda aside, this is the big story

Anti-war advocates are not willing to deal Obama a major legislative defeat

Like the rest of the B0bots, not in congress, they are willing to go against their utmost beliefs because every time Obama gets defeated a kitten cries…

Better let people die in “stupid wars”(as Teh One said in Teh Speech) than damage the aura of invincibility

After all, Nicholas Kristoff at Obama’s other propaganda arm explained to us that liberals can live with everything these days, only yucky conservatives get disgusted by stuff

So, go ahead, call your congressman – see if he’s a liberal or a conservative. But better don’t call. You don’t want a kitten to cry, do you?

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cute-kitten-crying.jpg image by cari

Or, if like me are not into cute, how about a Monthy Python scene to illustrate this, with the Black Night as the Bobots:

ARTHUR:  Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left.
  BLACK KNIGHT:  Yes I have.
  ARTHUR:  Look!
  BLACK KNIGHT:  Just a flesh wound.
  ARTHUR:  Look, stop that.
  BLACK KNIGHT:  Chicken!  Chicken!
  ARTHUR:  Look, I'll have your leg.  Right!
  BLACK KNIGHT:  Right, I'll do you for that!
  ARTHUR:  You'll what?
  BLACK KNIGHT:  Come 'ere!
  ARTHUR:  What are you going to do, bleed on me?

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Might give a whole new meaning to “bleeding heart…

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