We have the trip to Paris, where people see God (at least in the AP version)

“I saw God before me,” he said, “because I saw this smile that a million people have seen around the world. I saw her (Michelle) radiant. … It’s idiotic, but it’s like that.”

Well, at least the man called it for what it was, as the French don’t see God that often.

In the AFP version, a waiter at the same restaurant informs us “God” is a bit paranoid

They have someone who tastes the dishes,” said waiter Gabriel de Carvalho from the “La Fontaine de Mars” restaurant where Obama and his family turned up for dinner on Saturday night.

“It wasn’t very pleasant for the cooks at first, but the person was very nice and was relaxed, so it all went well,” he said on the Itele news channel.

How very Roman emperor of him!

Ap also found someone who made the unfavorable Clinton comparison

Obama shook the men’s hands, then posed for a group photo.”It’s fantastic. What a beautiful souvenir!” exclaimed a beaming Daldoss.

He said he has worked in motorcades for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush without ever getting such hands-on gratitude.

“The others were nice but not more than that,” Daldoss said. “I retire in a few months. This is a magnificent mission.”

and rushed to publish it in the “common touch” suck up department, in spite stories like this one abunding about Clinton.

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On a more serious matter, the official propaganda paper, NYT has a deceptively interesting title on an article where “brilliant” is repeated every paragraph – mostly about Larry Summers – and besids the opening news that Obama swatted a fly, the only news for me was that Obama was keeping Bush’s chief of Federal reserve (in the interests of financial stability” – what stability?).

To get the real news I had to get to Voice of America (just like when I was in the old country) to find out that

The somber admission follows the latest jobless report showing the highest unemployment rate the United States has seen in more than 25 years.

U.S. unemployment jumped a half percent in May, to 9.4 percent

Seems those brilliant men in the fly swatting NY Time s piece were a bit wrong

a member of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors:

“The economy clearly has gotten substantially worse from the initial predictions that were being made, not just by the White House, but by all of the private sector,” said Austan Goolsbe

That can’t be true! New York Times tells us

With those,(brilliant efforts)  and the Fed’s efforts, the economy shows signs of new life.

I guess coma patients show those too…

And that was