Now that Teh One travels, we are not talking about such unpleasantness such as the economy. Has anyone notice how it disappeared from the headlines? Right after a few perfunctory “consummer confidence grows?” polls?

So, why are the Democrats in congress spoiling everyone’s fun with expressing growing concern?

To be sure, the letter they want to send travelling Obama is not about the whole economy, just the GM dealership part

We recognize that efforts by your Auto Task Force prevented the total liquidation of General Motors and Chrysler, as well as their dealership networks. We commend your efforts to help these businesses survive these challenging economic times.

However, we are concerned that manufacturers are closing profitable dealerships to circumvent current contracts which could require expensive buy-outs under normal conditions.

Surely they don’t think Teh One did anything wrong!

Like Newsbusters thinks the forced merger of Chrisler and Fiat was

The Obama administration rushed an alliance between Chrysler LLC and Fiat SpA despite Chrysler’s worries about Fiat’s financial health and its willingness to share technology, according to internal company emails.

Could it be that they didn’t think this one through?

Eight days before President Barack Obama announced his support for the alliance in an April 30 speech, Chrysler officials were still bristling over what they considered Fiat’s unwillingness to provide even basic information about its finances.

….. Fiat is putting in no cash.

Nah… All this needs is at most another speech. Or maybe a little spin