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OK, in all fairness, it wasn’t the print tabloids but the predictable MSNBC pulling the God card. But for the most part, the tone is thusly set.

We have the always reserved Newsday, which achieves hyperbole by photo juxtaposition

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and the Daily News cheerleader tourist trap montage complete with the camel

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Which send me to the read I had earlier from a BBC consultant with an interesting title

View From Cairo: What About the People, Obama?

The passage further belying The Daily News title:

Even when he touched on women’s rights, Obama framed it in a Western perspective: he disagrees with Western nations – perhaps an allusion to Germany and France’s recent problems – who struggle with Muslim women wearing hejab.

But he didn’t come at the issue from the perspective that was promised — by addressing Muslims in Muslim countries. If that were indeed the case, we should have heard his analysis of women who are compelled or forced to wear hejab in these countries and women whose lives and livelihoods are severely impaired by the segregation of sexes that pervades much of the Muslim world.

I guess he was walking like a Michael Jackson Egyptian…

Anyway, the free daily AM NY managed to outdo the Daily News in their heroic photoshop where Obama dwarfs a pyramid

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while the NY Post is the only one addressing an aspect that the God-Obama euphoria has suddenly forgotten

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which sent me to a mind blowing read yesterday from AP out of which I saved this snippet:

When Obama opened with his Arabic greeting, Mahmoud Ramahi smiled.

“This is good,” said Ramahi, a lawmaker with the anti-Israel militant group Hamas in the West Bank. “This is the first good signal. We’ll start counting.”

I’ll assume he didn’t wear the mask of the ones in the picture, or the smile would have been lost to the sympathetic AP writers.

The NY Post article is not without merit

Let’s start with a sentence buried within his text — possibly in hopes that few might notice. With it, Obama effectively accepts Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“No single nation should pick and choose which nations should hold nuclear weapons,” he said.

But, hey, he’s “sort of God” – teevee said it – so it must be right.

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