I have been waiting for karma for “if you can’t take care of your house” for some time now, so this cover from the cheerleader tabloid made my day

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The Daily News article is here ans it’s a mild recounting of the new book that so far was only hailed as Obama’s side on the race – assigned by him to a writer and containing ugly insults and accusations present in this article – like this ubiquitous quote

“We had to figure out how to deal with a former president who was just lying, engaging in bald-faced lies,” Obama said of the former president, a top campaign surrogate for his wife.

But the tabloid picked some revealing tales about the couple

“She was angry at his selfishness and careerism; he thought she was cold and ungrateful.”

And “first time proud of my country” Michelle comes out with another doozie

“She hated the failed race for Congress in 2000, and their marriage was strained by the time their youngest daughter, Sasha, was born,” Wolffe wrote. “Politics seemed like a waste of time to Michelle.”

It’s not much, but the Daily news sold out in 20 minutes I came back to take a picture.

Besides, people who have these character traits, don’t change them just because they were installed in the White House. It must be a ball living with each other – no wonder they protest so much with extravagant and way too publicized shows of affection. I guess they do protest too much