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Here’s one for New Yorkers to remember this fall when the mayoral elections come:

Bloomberg: Obama’s Basically On a Fixed Income

The Mayor who bought his job, twice – spending $100 per voter the second tie around, is defending the one billion dollars candidate’s extravagant expenses

Bloomberg defended the First Couple’s getaway, telling reporters, “The president does not get paid that much. He is on a budget, too.”.

Comments the Gothamist

Well, from Bloomberg’s rarefied view atop Mount Moneypiles, we probably all look like Dickensian waifs struggling to sell our hair to the wig maker for halfpence, but to the average American, Obama’s hardly “on a budget.”

Of course, we are talking about the Mayor who, in his first debate in 2001 stood by his statements that asthma in poor neighborhoods is due to poor hygiene. As for the poor Obamas, getting the green light from Mike to live it up, the Gothamist gives us a glimpse at his “fixed budget” too:

City Room breaks down Obama’s current income: $400,000 a year salary, a $50,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and a $19,000 entertainment budget. His total compensation package, $569,000 a year, is 11 times the median household income in the U.S., which is around $50,000

Maybe Bloomberg – who threatened to run as a third party candidate if the Democrats fail to nominate Obama, should pay this puny fixed income out of his own vast resources. This way the commoners will not feel entitled to demand accountability on their tax money. During a recession.


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