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This is finally Obama’s “Sister Soulja”moment.

The term has been misused many times out of – intentional lack of understanding of what happened.

Clinton criticized a black rapper for advocating violence against white people (see myiq2xu comment for exact quote).

The political significance of the moment was that the statement went against a member of his loyal base – because principle was more important than politics.

Similarly, Obama was driven by an actual murder – not mere advocacy – to speak against his loyal constituency – the fundies. Notice how carefully he qualifies his condemnation. Before even addressing the murder he is careful not to offend them

However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.

He first makes sure to let us know he considers fundies patriots.(“as Americans”)

He makes sure to use “our differences” as to include all of us in his views (i.e – this is about abortion, instead of health and reproductive rights, and it’s all so difficult, no wonder some lose it)

He then makes the point that”abortion is a difficult issue”

Only after all those qualifiers does he finally get to the “murder is bad” part

In fact, last summer when campaigning, he courted them behind closed doors

This month, the Illinois senator held a closed-door meeting in Chicago with almost 40 Christian leaders, including evangelical heavyweights such as the Rev. Franklin Graham, publishing magnate Steve Strang and megachurch pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Obama’s campaign is also launching a grass-roots effort, tentatively called Joshua Generation, with plans to hold concerts and house meetings targeted at young evangelicals and Catholics.

WaPo feels confident to say that there was a disagreement about abortion behind those close doors. After all, there is no transcript and the video that got out where Obama spells out the fact that he opposes abortionΒ  at min 1:50 mark has been dutifully removed due to terms use violation.

And with the renewal of the pledge at the Notre Dame speech and the recent declartion that choice is not a freedom , how surprising can it be that some extremists took it to mean hunting season on “abortionists” was open?

The only thing that surprises me is that they managed to drag him to make a statement.

This is the guy who managed to stay silent on proposition 8.

This is the guy who didn’t ask his SCOTUS pick her position on Abortion.

This is the guy who said abortion had nothing to do with women’s freedom

But apparently all the coordinated fuss over the NY trip wasn’t enough to distract from the storm caused by this latest fundie murder occurring in a church. Right to life groups denounced it, so Obama HAD TOΒ  carefully speak as well.

Who is coordinating the Obama covers of tabloids?

last time it was the same photo. This time, it’s the same cutesy headline

the Daily News cheerleaders

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as well as the NY Post “opposition”

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