Satire is hard – during times when life is almost too ridiculous to witness.

The Onion has occasionally encapsulated a moment in time.

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Like W following Clinton with this speech

Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’

.Or Edwards’ campaign in 2008:

John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011

Like with everything, Obama was spared from attempts of satire until installed. Now finally he got his headline

Obama Revises Campaign Promise Of ‘Change’ To ‘Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas’

Who would have thunk it?..

And another reason for my choice of illustration – the miracle: NYT has a non-acrimonious Bill Clinton profile.(I guess now, that the right puppet is installed, it can be told).

here’s one of my favorite excerpts, – the ending

Still, as he boarded the plane in Medellín one night, he posed on the tarmac with the local security officers who had been guarding him, as he dutifully does at every stop. He seemed tired and not particularly interested, but he did not complain. Climbing the stairs to leave, though, he noticed some other officers. “Were you in the picture?” he asked. Then to an aide, he said, “These guys weren’t in the picture.” He came back down the stairs and posed again.


Over at the Widdershins, MadamaB has the best analysis of the NYT article. She points out all the reasons that made me feel uncomfortable reading it and made me use the term “non-acrimonious” instead of “positive”. She plucks out the talking points embedded in the article

Talking Point: See? Obama has only been in office five months and already he’s got an Age. An Age, I tell you! He is the most historical-est, bestest Preznit EVAH! And did Bill have a clothing line and his own TeeVee station? I don’t THINK so! Obama Roolz, Bill Clinton Droolz!