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They look different and they seem to stand for different views.

They spoke from different places: one from the bowels of a think tank, the other with a facsimile Constitution as backdrop.

They seemed to accuse each other.

Bot those two are cousins and in the end, they both stand for the same things: the imperial presidency

Who said this

he was thinking about “the long game” — how to establish a legal system that would endure for future presidents.He raised the issue of preventive detention”

If you guessed Cheney, you were wrong.

If ever there was a snow job on the American people, these two fighting cousins delivered today.

One said: “We were right to do what we did”

The other said: “Let’s not look at what they did, who cares? We only look forward”

One said: “We did what we did because of the war on terror”

The other said: I’ll do what they did (imprison people indefinitely and keep military tribunals) because of the war on terror”

One said: “We kept you safe, so be grateful for what we did”

The other said:”Keeping you safe is the cover for doing what they did”

In the end what we are left with is more of the same. Concludes Glenn Greenwald

Ultimately, what I find most harmful about his embrace of things like preventive detention, concealment of torture evidence, opposition to investigations and the like is that these policies are now no longer just right-wing dogma but also the ideas that many defenders of his — Democrats, liberals, progressives — will defend as well.  Even if it’s due to perceived political necessity, the more Obama embraces core Bush terrorism policies and assumptionswe’re fighting a “war on terror”; Presidents have the power to indefinitely and “preventatively” imprison people with no charges; we can create new due-process-abridging tribunals when it suits us; the “Battlefield” is everywhere; we should conceal evidence when it will make us look bad — the more those premises are transformed from right-wing dogma into the prongs of bipartisan consensus, no longer just advocated by Bush followers but by many Obama defenders as well.

True. And makes me think is Cheney didn’t deliberaletly help make torture, permanent war a “centrist” issue by his bogus opposition. He simply played the Goldilocks game for the naive, making it appear that Obama’s transgressions are “just right”


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