So does – shockingly conclude Washington Post in an article about the blogosphere reaction to Obama’s latest Jr.jr moment: the reversal on torture photos:

To be clear: it’s not immediately clear that liberals are abandoning the president in droves. Rather, as happens with almost every president, elements of the base are coming to grips with the idea that Obama may not be the liberal hero that people thought he was when he was first elected.

So, it’s a double qualified statement: “To be clear- it’s not immediately clear” (such writing!) and “might not” – and that’s as far as they got before getting to political strategists’ praise of Obama’s actions and dismissal of the whole thing (happens all the time).

After raising expectations with a title such a

The Left Rises Up Against Obama

and giving as proof a few quotes from some blogs.

Why would be the photos the last straw?

I remember the photos. W was reported to have has a look at them and then immediately came out and told the world he thought Rummy did a fabulous job!

And torture is a good issue to get righteous about. But why now? I mean, torture has been in the news for months now – the lack of prosecution of those responsible, the military tribunals, the maintaining of Guantanamo, the escalation of the wars…There is a whole tag in this blog “jr.jr” filled with items that should have made “the left” raise. The Widdershiners also compiled a pretty good list But like the dog in the illustration they keep expecting to be allowed to eat the whole duck. Mostly, because, they don’t want to have to face the fact they’ve been used all along. I predict that the outrage over the photos won’t last too long.

After all, there’s Fox to be hunted!