A lot is being made – as well it should- about Cheney disagreeing with Obama torture.

Very little is being said about the praise Cheney lavished On Obama on Afghanistan

I was glad to see President Obama commit additional troops to Afghanistan,” said Cheney “I think we need to do whatever we have to do there to be able to prevail. Air strikes are an important part of it. And a lot of times, the air strikes do generate controversy.”

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Despite the bitter partisan campaign that Cheney is waging against the Democrats, he felt compelled to voice these words of solidarity—from one war criminal to another.

As for that “controversy” Dick mentioned – the number of dead from that particular air raid went up since that headline – from 120 to 147. Things are bad enough for Karzai to demand that US stops the bombings

“We demand a complete end to the bombardment of our villages … and we are very serious about it,”

which fell on deaf ears  with the White House

His plea was rejected by White House National Security Advisor James Jones, who said the United States could not be expected to fight “with one hand tied behind our back.”

Am I to understand that we’re no longer saving the Afghani people from…whomever? We’re bombing against their will?

I suppose that speech that nobody heard is all anti-war people will ever get from Teh One.

The bombings shall continue until morale improves…