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Today, reading an article in The New Yorker I stumbled over a cartoon that merits its own entry

Later, I found the article that goes with it even better than the New Yorker article

President Barack Obama assured Sen. Orrin Hatch on Monday that he would pick a “pragmatist, not a radical” to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Hatch’s office said.

Obama’s phone call to the Utah Republican,

See, if the Democratic party would exist, know where they stood, maybe someone would care about reassuring them about stuff. As things stand, the walkabout continues, and Orrin Hatch gets what he wants even as the Obama media plays the funeral march for the GOP. They seem to be better represented than we are.

cartoon by Mr Fish

Not all is well in the discrete Jr.jr agenda. Sure, the so called left is quiet and aquiescent, but still a few bugs remain. The courts  still try to stand in the way with silly claims of Constitutional rights

On April 28, a three-judge federal appellate court unanimously reinstated the lawsuit brought by five men against a Boeing subsidiary for allegedly flying them to secret prisons around the world to be tortured as part of the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments by lawyers, first from the Bush administration and later from the Obama administration, that the so-called “state secrets” doctrine bars the plaintiffs’ claims.

Aww! poor unitary executive! Must it be now be argued in the SCOTUS?

Then Jr.jr tried to get rid of the Guantanamo prisoners by shipping then to Germany(the beer and a speech campaign friend). Not sure what they may answer, but their press noticed the discrepancy with the big words and headline like this one appear there everywhere

‘Obama Discrediting Himself and the US’

What our press and the left keep quiet, they blare out:

Any return to using such military commissions would be a major disappointment to human rights groups who were hoping that Obama’s election signalled a new era in America’s handling of terror suspects. As German editorials show on Monday, frustration across the Atlantic is equally high.

In an editorial entitled “Obama’s Great Mistake,“the center-left daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

Obama is thus considering holding on to the military commissions with a couple of extra rights for the suspects. Bush light, so to speak.” “Obama is thus discrediting both himself and the US.

Ingrates! After Teh One chose them for the BIG SPEECH!

Plus some media here too dares cover this and that. After all the praise for closing Guantanamo, here’s a headline

Officials: Guantanamo court system likely to remain open

And to top it all, Iraqis won’t give cover to any extension of the “withdrawal

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Iraq was committed to adhering to the withdrawal schedule in the pact, which took effect on January 1, including the requirement to withdraw U.S. combat troops from towns and cities by the end of June and a full withdrawal by the end of 2011.

“These dates cannot be extended

..Dayum! How did W do it? He made it all seem so easy!

Being Jr.jr is hard work!

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