NY tabloids ran it

and another

.Wow! Even Daily News noticed:

and now Napolitano is trying to WORM it out (sorry, no word yet for explaining Biden so, Politico’s “covers” will have to do)

What Joe meant to say…

“I think the vice president, if he could say that over again, he would say if they’re feeling sick, they should stay off of public transit or confined spaces because that, indeed, is the advice that we have been giving,” Napolitano said during an interview on MSNBC

Too bad that, when yelling fire in a crowded theater, the opportunity to start again doesn’t exactly present itself….

Hey, look: even a Polisj tabloid had Biden on the cover with a good title: Biden Panikarz!


Fun WORM at the press conferrence

When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs also tried to spin Biden’s remarks, one White House reporter wouldn’t stand for it and pushed back.

That resulted in a priceless statement by Gibbs followed by an eruption of laughter.

“I understand what he said, and I’m telling you what he meant to say,” the frustrated flack snapped.