I read that the New York Times managed to top its Judith Miller moment last night

Jeff Zeleny embarrassed himself and his paper when he asked Obama what was the most “enchanted” moment of his first 100 days. I was unable to see whether the question was read out of a My Little Unicorn notepad.

The link to the transcript from the NYT is here

And then I read a mind-numbing editorial by GOP rep Lamar Smith about the media’s double standards in covering Obama. The reading gave me whiplash as it contained one true statement and one whopper in repeated succession. here’s the weird premise:

the national media have shown they have a clear double standard in how they cover Obama, compared with Republican presidents.

And here are some examples:

The article is correct in pointing out the skewed polls

Thirty-nine percent of respondents were Democrats, compared with just 23 percent who were Republicans β€” a 16-point gap.

or the lack of coverage of their protests by the media.

The author seems to forget that this was exactly what was happening a few years ago: anti-war protests were being ignored and GOP-ers were oversampled in polls. It’s statements like this that make it all a joke

Whether it’s because of bias or prejudice, Republican presidents face much tougher media scrutiny.

Imagine if a Republican president had already broken six significant promises in his first 100 days, as Obama has done,

Oh, I don’t need to imagine – I was here during the Bush coverage – and I mean not just in the past 2 years when media turned to Obama. I remember the glossing over the “16 words” and the ever evolving definition of the reasons for war and articles about “what Bush reads”

I am also old enough to remember the coverage of Clinton – who remained popular IN SPITE of the incessant attacks.

Bush’s Pet Goat moment has been smothered in silence. Obama’s raiding Ground Zero for souvenir photos – already burried in “enchantments.

But everyone still knows ofΒ  “Whitewater” – with a selected few knowing that it was media fabrication. Compare that to the pains media took to keep Obama untainted by the very real Chicago corruptions scandals making page one every day.

So, Lamar dear – if it’s double standard you are after, you need to dig a bit further.

Obama is getting Jr.jr treatment from the media – your party just happens to be on the other side now.

The standards are as “enchanted” as always when it comes to the elite.