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Women got lectured yet again in last night’s Egopalooza.

It’s up to men to tell us what’s right or wrong, we have no freedom from this:

Abortion is a moral and ethical issue. this is not an issue simply of women’s freedom.

I think abortion is a moral issue and an ethical issue. I think that those who are pro-choice make a mistake when they — if they suggest — and I don’t want create straw men here, but I think there are some who suggest that this is simply an issue about women’s freedom and that there’s no other considerations.

(no, of course. It’s a matter of men entitlement)

And declared that FOCA is not a priority

Now, the Freedom of Choice Act is not my highest legislative priority. I believe that women should have the right to choose, but I think that the most important thing we can do to tamp down some of the — the anger surrounding this issue is to focus on those areas that we can agree on.

Contrast this with

“The first thing I’d do, as president, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.”

speech to Planned Parenthood July 17, 2008

The Weekly Standard people sure appreciated this

Obama’s supple mind is still capable of nuance and complexity though, as evidenced by his answer to a question about abortion. Obama said abortion is “a moral issue and an ethical issue” and that women “struggle with these decisions each and every day.” Our president is clearly troubled by abortion, but not so troubled he would outlaw the practice. Instead the president wants “to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.”

Yup. Men who want to impose their “ethics” on women agree….

Once again he said women make those decisions

in consultation with their families, with their doctors, with their clergy.


For the perfect deconstruction  of this tortured Obama argument, always go to Cinie

So, let me see if I’ve got this straight.  All these women, responsible enough to come to Daddy when they’re “in trouble,” simply don’t have sense enough not to whore around and get knocked up in the first place?   As far as he seems to be concerned, the only reason any woman would ever consider an abortion is because she’s a slut; either too stupid, or too young, not to fall for any available slickster’s line.  The way to fix that, of course, is to send these Godless whores to church, where the anointed sexorcists can drive the unholy sex demons out.


On the same topic – a Romanian movie tonight on Sundance channel at 10 PM toda

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Update 2

Judge Souter retiring. MSNBC speculates with their uncanny “common sense”:

Souter’s retirement is unlikely to alter the ideological balance on the closely divided court because Obama is almost certain to replace the liberal-leaning justice with someone with similar views.

Similar views as who? That “choice” has nothing to do with women’s freedom but everything with advice from clergy?

Over at Politico, an NYU professor makes a better guess

a good opportunity for Obama to again play the “bipartisan” card by picking a moderate, and almost dare the Republicans to come out against him.

And in Obama’s book, an anti-choice judge would me a moral, ethical man – a moderate.

I read that the New York Times managed to top its Judith Miller moment last night

Jeff Zeleny embarrassed himself and his paper when he asked Obama what was the most “enchanted” moment of his first 100 days. I was unable to see whether the question was read out of a My Little Unicorn notepad.

The link to the transcript from the NYT is here

And then I read a mind-numbing editorial by GOP rep Lamar Smith about the media’s double standards in covering Obama. The reading gave me whiplash as it contained one true statement and one whopper in repeated succession. here’s the weird premise:

the national media have shown they have a clear double standard in how they cover Obama, compared with Republican presidents.

And here are some examples:

The article is correct in pointing out the skewed polls

Thirty-nine percent of respondents were Democrats, compared with just 23 percent who were Republicans — a 16-point gap.

or the lack of coverage of their protests by the media.

The author seems to forget that this was exactly what was happening a few years ago: anti-war protests were being ignored and GOP-ers were oversampled in polls. It’s statements like this that make it all a joke

Whether it’s because of bias or prejudice, Republican presidents face much tougher media scrutiny.

Imagine if a Republican president had already broken six significant promises in his first 100 days, as Obama has done,

Oh, I don’t need to imagine – I was here during the Bush coverage – and I mean not just in the past 2 years when media turned to Obama. I remember the glossing over the “16 words” and the ever evolving definition of the reasons for war and articles about “what Bush reads”

I am also old enough to remember the coverage of Clinton – who remained popular IN SPITE of the incessant attacks.

Bush’s Pet Goat moment has been smothered in silence. Obama’s raiding Ground Zero for souvenir photos – already burried in “enchantments.

But everyone still knows of  “Whitewater” – with a selected few knowing that it was media fabrication. Compare that to the pains media took to keep Obama untainted by the very real Chicago corruptions scandals making page one every day.

So, Lamar dear – if it’s double standard you are after, you need to dig a bit further.

Obama is getting Jr.jr treatment from the media – your party just happens to be on the other side now.

The standards are as “enchanted” as always when it comes to the elite.

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