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Maybe the Obamas made a mistake taking the Clintons advice as to where to send their kids to school. Having picked the same school, they now invite inevitable comparisons and they don’t come up as good

Obamas prove stingy with school auction

was the headline – surprisingly – from MSNBC

Inerestingly, the article starts with what the Clintons contributed to the school fundraising auction while Chelsea was a student:

In 1996, a round of golf with Bill Clinton went for nearly six figures; another year Chelsea Clinton offered up her babysitting services to the highest bidder.

The end of the article tells us Chelsea still contributes

Chelsea Clinton remains involved in the event — this year she and a fellow alumna Nicole Davison donated a “lunch or brunch” in New York City. The value, according to the bidding materials: “priceless.”

And what did the guy who gave the queen of England an I-pod with his own speeches give the school where 2 of his children go? Well, 2 items, actually:

the only items up for bid from the Obamas included a signed copy of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the president and a signed copy of the January Vogue that featured the first lady.

Two magazines! Autographed! reminds me of that W golden moment they included in the 9.11 puff piece: signing his name of a photo of a lost parent a 9.11 kid showed him. “When you find your father tell him you met me”. About the same confidence in the value of one’s autograph.

In the same vein, pork  producers would like the name “swine” taken out of the flu

For U.S. pork producers the swine flu name has hurt, forcing government officials into the position of stressing that American pork is safe to eat and that other countries should not ban imports.

But whatever name, Democrats put it to a good use

With the swine flu officially out of the pen in the United States, Democrats and their allies have taken to heart Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

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