I don’t know how much Obama media will make of this, but in NYC the little 9.11 unpleasantness was bound to make the tabloids.

Best headline goes to the NY Post

although puns were everywhere

I guess it was hard to resist, but Metro reported it straight

while daily News tried to show restraint …by only taking half a page

but I loved their “souvenir photos”

because let’s not forget Obama’s fondness for planes as photo ops


on update – let’s not leave NYT out – just because their photo is smaller


They inform us that the flight actually rattled windows

We also know now that FAA knew they would cause panic but still demanded secrecy.Β  of course that article still blames the DOD

As the Red State guys song goes

Don’t buzz Ground Zero

With Air Force One

Remember 9.11

Wasn’t too much fun